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Winnipeg, MB, R3N

(1) 204 - 282 9550

About Us


Founded in 2013, Fowl Moon Studios is a Winnipeg based game development boutique specializing in mobile devices.

We have released our first game, Betty Boop Bop in 2014 on iOS and Android. It was followed up with Betty Boop Beat in 2015 on iOS with an upcoming Android version. We worked together with King Features to ensure that Betty Boop's 3D makeover was faithful to the iconic's character's 2D roots.

We love making our own games, but we will also love help you make your game! Whether it's an original concept or a license, whether you need help only with certain parts of the development cycle or the whole package (design, code, music, testing, analytics and post launch analytics and updates), please get in touch and let's talk. We're a small team, but we think big.




Mickey Blumental

Mickey is a veteran game designer and producer having worked on mobile phone entries in franchises such as Resident Evil, Need for Speed, Project Gotham Racing, Final Fantasy and Sims. He holds an animation degree from the University of the Arts in Surrey, England, in 2002 and has obtained a diploma in computer animation. He taught game development at the College of North East London and ran the International Game Developer Association London chapter for three years. 

His game development articles are regularly featured on Since immigrating to Manitoba with his family, he has worked with key companies in Winnipeg such as Complex Games and Freshcode, taught game design to aboriginal youth, took part in organizing the local group “Windiepeg” as well as game jams and has lectured about game design for New Media Manitoba.



Miron Blumental

Miron has been an international lawyer based in London, England for 30 years, dealing with clients from entertainment and media and regarding intellectual property since he transitioned from being a University lecturer in the 80s. Miron had acted as a lawyer for major media personalities in music, theatre, fashion and film (including Oscar winners) and well known international estates such as that of Maria Callas and Dorothy L Sayers.  

Since 1987 he had acted as a lawyer for the best-selling Irish writer, Maeve Binchy, He has also acted as producer (with and without credit) on films of Maeve's books "Circle of Friends" starring Minnie Driver, Chris O'Donnell and Saffron Burrows;  "Tara Road"  starring Andie Macdowell, Olivia Williams, Sarah Bolger, Iain Glen, Stephen Rea and Brenda Fricker, as well as her specially written TV movie success "Anner House",  made in Ireland and South Africa. Miron emigrated with his family to Winnipeg in 2011 and views Canada as the best place in the world to raise his Canadian-born child.