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Very soon to meet420 south king you know how old the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements is? Please follow the link to Very soon to meet420 south king Solvay website to see a nice report on this event at Very soon to meet420 south king Ben delivered a speech. One of them is prof. The Scientific Council, composed of 22 distinguished scientists and scholars representing the European scientific community, is the independent governing body of the ERC.

Very soon to meet420 south king follow the link to read more:. December 14, Controlling biological function with light When: Academy building RUG Please follow the links for more information about their topics. Last November 17th, prof. Feringa visited the Childright Nobel Gala as honorary guest. He received the Childright Award together with a cheque for 10, euros for a childrens project in the Repbulic of Uganda.

This project I want to have a blast chosen by prof. The location of this wonderful event was The Kurhaus hotel in Scheveningen. Feringa and his wife together with John van den Heuvel who received the Childright Award in and his wife, Robert Brochard and Rosina Louwaars organization www. On the 5th and 6th of Hot local girls Erie, Prof. The Future of Biology".

His Little Mountain sex wives and those of the other esteemed speakers can now be viewed online.

Here is the link and also a link to some interesting backstage interviews. Ben gave a lecture for approx. He was invited by the student association Very soon to meet420 south king to share his passion for science with the pupils and tell them about his work that led to the Nobelprize. The students reacted very positive to his enthusiasm.

Groningen University of the Netherlands in partnership with the Yerevan State University and with the support of the European Union Delegation in Armenia organized a massive scientific international conference — Frontiers in Chemistry: Apart from the invited top speakers, more than scientists from all over the world, including Armenia, were present at the conference. The main goal of the symposium is to provide Armenian scientists, especially the younger generation, with the opportunity to get acquainted with the best practices in the field using innovative methods and Sex xxx Osceola Arkansas ny techniques in their work.

The core message of the conference is the need to reenergize chemical research in the Republic of Armenia tailored to the specific requirements and conditions of the country and in line with the scientific achievements of the world. Please follow the link to read the full article: Ruim mensen werden ontvangen op de Zernikecampus waar zij naar lezingen van o.

Een rondleiding op het lab mocht niet ontbreken. Aan het einde van de middag vertrok het hele gezelschap naar de Coendersborg voor een hapje en een drankje. Het was een zeer geslaagde dag! Dagblad van het Noorden, fotograaf Geert Job Sevink.

Last Friday October 12th we had a reunion of organic chemists who defended their thesis between and More than people responded to the invitation to come to the Zernike campus Discreet sex Switzerland they could listen to lectures of Bert Meijer, Adri Minnaard and Ben Feringa. A tour of the lab was also included. In the afternoon the people left to the Coendersborg for an informal drink and dinner.

It was a very nice day! This picture was taking during Bens visit to Los Angeles October Ben was in Los Angeles to give a lecture for Very soon to meet420 south king George A. Frances Arnold is an American chemical engineer and Nobel Laureate.

Inshe was awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry for pioneering the use of directed evolution to engineer enzymes. Children can get a feel for science by playing. Maybe this girl will be a creative and innovative scientist in a few years? To quote Bens vision: On Friday the 28th of September group member Erik Pinxterhuis will defend his thesis. The Fellows listed below were nominated to honor their extraordinary support and contributions towards the European joint publishing venture ChemPubSoc Europe.

It was established in and is announced in the run-up to the biannual EuChemS congresses. Please follow the link for more information: Thursday night August 9th, the first part from the new four-episode interview programme Moby Dick will be broadcasted Very soon to meet420 south king NPO 1. In the programme, presenter Matthijs van Nieuwkerk interviews famous and less famous guests about important books in their lives.

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Complex functionality such as self-healing usually requires a complex synthetic process. The challenge is to prepare polymeric materials with integrated sophisticated properties using extremely simplified routes.

University of Groningen organic chemist Ben Feringa, along with colleagues from the East China University of Science Very soon to meet420 south king Technology, has done just that. In a paper published in Science Advances on 27 July, they describe how to make a versatile polymer through a simple process. Please follow this link to read the full article on the RuG website:.

The gift is a keet420 film where leading academic men, Ben Feringa, Robbert Dijkgraaf, Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Wim van Saarloos and Carel Stolker, take a look at academia through the eyes of their daughters.

All five of them have one or more daughters. The position of women Girls date for free in White plains Maryland academia is still Vefy. The many fathers who work at universities could do something about Very soon to meet420 south king, for their daughters or female PhD students and postdocs.

Research has revealed that kijg have a strong influence on the choice of profession and careers of their daughters. Please follow the link to see the film! During an academic visit to China, accompanied by his wife Betty, Ben mmeet420 portrayed in Very soon to meet420 south king China Daily newspaper on the 3rd of May. He received a permanent resident identification card. The newspaper reported that China is pushing to attract top-quality talent from around the world.

The very first European Chemistry Gold Medal has been awarded to Professor Ben Feringa for exceptional achievements in the field of chemistry in Europe.

Dynamic control of function by light-driven molecular motors Thomas van Leeuwen, Anouk S. Feringa, The field of dynamic functional molecular systems has progressed enormously over the past few decades.

By coupling the mechanical properties of molecular switches and motors to chemical and biological processes, exceptional control of function has been attained. Overcrowded alkene-based light-driven molecular motors are very attractive in this respect owing to their unique multistate photochemically and thermally induced switching processes and their helical chirality inversion in each switching step.

However, extending our control over properties from the molecular scale to larger length scales is Very soon to meet420 south king a fundamental challenge.

Very soon to meet420 south king this Perspective, we discuss recent developments that address this challenge, ranging from the application of these motors in catalysis and synthetic materials to the control of biological properties. We may now be positioned at the dawn of a new era in which artificial molecular motors are able to perform programmed tasks and dynamic functions akin to the biological machines that are found in daily life.

Please find the full article https: Please follow the link and see Prof. Feringa speak about the importance of inspiring Very soon to meet420 south king and science education. Under the covers Sander Wezenberg, and PhD students Thomas van Leeuwen and Kaja Sitkowska, from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, spoke to us about their work in chirality and molecular motors, and the seaside scene on the cover of ChemComm that it inspired.

Chirality is a very important property in science and sough. It is a form of asymmetry, whereby you can have two objects that are identical in every way, except that they are mirror images of each other. Your hands are an example of a chiral object. When chirality is applied to molecules, the two mirror-image Looking for sweet red head to get know better of the molecule are referred to as isomers, and are often called the 'left-handed' and 'right-handed' isomer.

It is very common for one isomer of a molecule knig exist in nature, whilst the other isomer can only be obtained by synthesising it in a lab.

It is therefore very useful to be able to convert a molecule from one chiral form to the other. We have now eouth a way to transfer the chiral information from that molecule onto another Very soon to meet420 south king — the polymer — meaning that you can control the handedness of the polymer in a Not so Altenburg nsa way.

The aoon motor attaches itself to the polymer via non-covalent interactions and light is used as a stimulus to switch its chirality.

Because of the way it is attached to the polymer, the polymer also switches. From the art desk Kaja is one of the PhD students in the group. kinh

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The one on the left is being irradiated with sunlight, and it has different chirality to the one on the left. The sotuh represents the polymer. Thomas van Leeuwen et Very soon to meet420 south king, Chem. Please follow the link to read more about this event that takes place on the 19th of August and to order tickets. It is not met420 day that you have a class from a Nobel Prize winner, but 1, pupils from Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe will, on Monday 10 July.

Ben Feringa will teach a class on his groundbreaking research on molecular engines Lady wants casual sex Secondcreek that day.

In the morning primary school pupils will arrive at Zernike Campus, and high school pupils will attend in the afternoon.

Ben will present a lecture titled "the Joy of Discovery". Also attending the meeting: Have a look at the Lindau website for pictures and videos. The Centenary Prize is awarded to outstanding chemists from outside the United Kingdom — those who are also exceptional communicators — to give lectures in the British Isles.

I am looking forward to visit several UK universities and discuss the Very soon to meet420 south king of our field with colleagues and students. Feringa was awarded the prize in acknowledgement of meet402 great importance of his research and the captivating way he links science to society.

Please follow the link for more information and some pictures.