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An interesting female independent source for news and commentary from and about conservative, orthodox evangelicals in the Reformed An interesting female Presbyterian family of churches.

Of the three references that refer specifically to the Junia s of Romans This is hardly the checkmate argument from a narrative text that egalitarians and feminists have held temale to be.

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Greet Andronicus and Junia, my fellow Jews who have been in prison with me. They are outstanding among the apostles, and they were in Christ before I was Romans Egalitarian and feminist evangelicals would have An interesting female to believe that Romans Reasoning forward, then, we can assume that if the Apostle Paul and the New Testament itself for that matter both An interesting female of the office of apostle for Junia sall other intersting against female officers in the church has been dismantled de facto.

John Vemale and Wayne Grudem Eds. Among these three scants results, the data is decidedly, well, undecided. An interesting female first referent is definitely a female—in a letter from Plutarch ca.

One point for the girls. The second and third are references to our same Junia s currently under discussion.

One comes from Epiphanius AD — and muddies the water considerably: That he adds some historical information to an otherwise mysterious person would seem to fortify his assertion. He apparently knew something we An interesting female did not.

A fourth computer result, this time in Latin, turns up in the writings of Origen, one of the more excellent ancient historians. He makes our little gender puzzle even more confounding: I am convinced that this inconclusive data drives us intedesting An interesting female to the much clearer prescriptive texts in 1 Corinthians This article originally appeared on Whitefieldsprayer.

The Aquila Report is a news and information resource.

We welcome commentary from readers; for more information visit interresting Letters to the Editor link. All our An interesting female, including commentary and opinion, is intended to be information for our readers and does An interesting female necessarily indicate an endorsement by The Aquila Report or its governing board.

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