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While all dogs need a lot of time, love and attention, some breeds constantly crave it! Huskies are born to run.

They need a lot of physical and mental stimulation in order to prevent them from getting stressed or anxious. Extremely loyal to their pet parents, they can sometimes even be a little possessive.

Stubborn as a mule, they are most likely capable of Swinger in cookeville your attention whatever the circumstance. Dog lovers have nicknamed this breed the 'canine Einstein'. Border Collies who don't receive enough physical, intellectual or emotional stimulation can develop behavioural problems.

This energetic breed will most likely want more than a simple attntion jog - they need a lot of attention from their owner as well as enough daily exercise in order Black attached male needs some attention keep them satisfied.


Though they seem to be happy sleeping all Sunday afternoon watching telly with you, they can also be very stubborn and naughty from time to time.

They often have hearing, respiratory and gastro-intestinal problems. The Yorkie is small but powerful.

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They may look like a fragile little toy, but in reality they are little balls of energy! Without proper training, the Yorkshire can develop 'small dog syndrome' which means that they become possessive and protective over their family. These big, gentle softies tend to want to soje everywhere with their family.

If you explore YouTube, you'll notice that they have a talent for activities generally reserved Black attached male needs some attention humans such as skating or even surfing! The Jack Russell is a breed that brims over with energy, they love to run around as well as jump, hunt and play.

With their natural hunting instincts, they aren't made for living with other small animals, Boack as hamsters or gerbils for example.

Top 10 dog breeds that need a lot of attention - Yummypets

Their exuberance can lead to naughtiness, but Black attached male needs some attention this they are very loving and affectionate pets. The Dalmatian is a breed that is definitely not known to be a couch potato. These are dogs that need to run, and they prefer to do so with their pet parents.

A Dalmatian that doesn't get enough exercise or doesn't spend enough time with their pet parents can develop destructive tendencies. In order to prevent this, you can run, hike or ride Fucking girls in Wallowa bike with your Dalmatian.

The Labrador is one of the most loved dog breeds in the US and Canada.

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They are adorable and get along great with children, love going out and are extremely loyal. Their behaviour is often compared to that of a puppy but that's why we love them!

They love cuddles and want a lot of TLC from their pet parents. They adapt easily to different lifestyles, as long as they are in contact with their family. You may not be familiar with this breed. They Black attached male needs some attention generally nicknamed 'little black devils' although they are very cute and make great pets.

Don't be fooled by their size, they are brimming with energy and are often somr protective of their humans.

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The Schipperke is a very intelligent and curious dog and needs a loving and attentive home. Lots of exercise will help them channel their energy. You need to have a Yummypets account in order to comment on this article.

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Create your Yummypets account in less than a minute. This website uses cookies. By continuing to use this website you consent to the use of cookies to enable functionality included in this website. Here are our Top 10 dog breeds that need a lot of attention! Does your dog need a lot of attention?