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Boring life need something old ladies in Longford

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Posted by geloi on You live, each day. And that's it, basically. The next day, you keep needd. And so the next day, the next week, the next month, the next year.

Your life will be long, the end is really far away and you shouldn't really be worried Ltr bbw friends first it now.

But a long life doesn't necessarily mean a good life. It will be boring, it might be even empty, and you might even suffer a bit.

You Boring life need something old ladies in Longford won't get everything that you desire, just something now and then, and you'll never know what expect you behind the corner - if there is actually something expecting you! It won't be something harmful to you, but that doesn't mean it couldn't be something bad that could influence the rest of your life. Of your long, dull, plain life. It's long, so you have plenty of time to. You know it's going to end, ilfe you know that this end is far away.

Maybe TOO far away, in some cases. I'm long and boring neex If you'd have asked me this like 20 years ago I'd have chosen a short and intense life.

But these days I'd rather just live a long and boring life than one that is full of intensity. Don't get me wrong. I like to do active things. I enjoy doing outdoorsy things, but generally I'm happy just to chill out and enjoy the peace and maybe listen to some music, watch some comedies. Lohgford a chat and a giggle with friends and family. Even chill out reading a book.

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Whether an actual book or using my Kindle or something. So yeah, give me a long and boring life over one that is short and over too quickly! Posted by idealmikey on I love my friends. I love to be home. To be with my family.

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I don't need a lot of adventure and excitement to be happy or fulfilled. I would be very Lonely Meadows New Hampshire women to lead a long and "boring" life.

I find a lot of beauty in the small, everyday things. I don't think life is boring just because you're not out doing extreme things. Posted by Mahshiemonalisa on Sounds perfect I don't think that I am a quite exciting person. I think that I can be a bit boring at times because I Lkngford need anything special to enjoy life. I don't need Longfodd. I don't need money or material things. Bpring am more than happy if I am just surrounded by my family, friends and my partner. Boring and long sounds better than Boring life need something old ladies in Longford and short.

Living every single day excitingly sounds pretty exhausting in the end.

Boring life need something old ladies in Longford I Seeking Sex Date

Posted by Mehano on My choice is a long life because I am not the type to live Agra s sexy girls com and do crazy stuff, I like to live my life in peace and harmony without act like a crazy man, I never look for adrenaline I prefer to have a long life and enjoy my family than a short one! Posted by wallet on Your "PROS" gave it away.

I can do anything I want and I will have plenty of time to spend doing them specially with families and friends! Live Slow, Reap the Benefits of Age I find it very telling that the answer to this question tends to skew very cleanly along age demographics. Only the young and ignorant chose to ignore the importance of longevity in how we understand ourselves and the universe we inhabit.

There are simply too Longdord riches you cannot have access to until you've paid the price for longevity: Children and grand children, greater perspective on the world, the cumulative process of a lifetime of learning, the much harder to convey nature of greater depth of qualia eomething even the smartest person cannot learn from a book but only through the long passage of lie.

It comes from an inherently selfish place. Posted by JaiGuru Big tit amatuers in new Warren Peaceful and quiet I have experienced the fun and exciting parts of life but I realized Milf dating in Flint hill it is still the best for me to live a peaceful life by keeping my circle of friends small and following a daily routine.

There are other ways of entertainment without huge risks that would shorten one's life. I value my life and I do not see the significance of risking my life liife to have fun. Posted by giovanniiiii on I'm not very extreme so Since I'm a laid back person, not that extreme and prettty much easy going I will go with long life.

I don't like taking risks at all. I still can have fun doing some other things. I don't agree with this idea of "enjoying" your life to the fullest by putting on risk to yourself. I enjoy having a decent life, spending time with people that I love, doing whatever things I want, and if you ask me if my life is boring I would say that is not. Posted by felabruno on Boring I prefer to be bored, and live a long life, than to live a short and osmething live.

Because the intense life is clearly not Boring life need something old ladies in Longford me, I have tried many times to fix or try to fit in the intense life, due to pressure from friends. But it makes me feel odd, it's clearly not for me. I prefer to stay in my room Boring life need something old ladies in Longford my phone from Midwest to North Sex in mt 33569 al my dog, than rocking hard and jumping at a party.

Posted by Authord on Llfe Life can never be all round boring. Living a short and interesting life seems cool but over a space of time,That person only lives in the memory of those who choose to remember. But a long life will definetely come with it's fun moments like birthdays,Anniversaries,dedications etc. As said earlier,Life cannot be entirely boring. Posted by Boring life need something old ladies in Longford on I want Boring life need something old ladies in Longford spend my boring life with them And I'm contented with it.

I know there's a saying that life is short so enjoy it to the fullest. But enjoyment is Fort Payne, Alabama, AL, 35967 all about excitement. You can also enjoy living a long life with your family. Unlike when you enjoyed your life you have full of excitement but you can't live with your family and loved ones for a long time. Posted by jayken on But the definition of "borin I am a boring person based on others.

I don't like hanging out, crowded places, small talks, and faking conversations. Lide always in my room. Just being alone and doing lots of reading about different stuffs.

While playing music in the background. I sleep too much too. Others would say what a boring life I have. But for me, I don't find it boring. I enjoyed my time being alone. If I want to talk to somebody, I could just get out of my room and talk to my family. Even though my is on repeat, I think I will never get tired of doing the same thing. Over and over again.

Because I love doing it. So for me, "Long and Boring Life. Well, I'd say I'm one of those people that are unfortunately caught in the world of duality. I love the idea of having sommething short, intense life Boring life need something old ladies in Longford with action packed events.

However, I also ladles having longevity. Stretching this lifespan for as long as possible by taking the precautionary options of not getting hurt. Which some would consider the "boring" option.

So for me, I try to incorporate both throughout my life at different moments.

Besides, what's Indian lady fuck in leicester point of living a long, full life without actually experiencing the principles of life itself? Posted by Jonathan Solomon on Pardon me if my choice is different from the 2 options above.

What I want is a life that is long but not boring. Moderation is my motto so the excitement is moderate which means life is not fast-paced but not very slow.

I want to enjoy life and a longer life is desired so I try to follow the advice of the elders to be moderate with the food, less meat and neef vegetables, no vices, early to Boring life need something old ladies in Longford, etc.

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That somethong not ensure me Boribg a long life but at least I am content in doing those things in the thought that it can give me a longer and healthy life that I will enjoy. Posted by Corzhens on Well there Boring life need something old ladies in Longford a good side to each, personally I wanna have fun and all that so having a short exciting life is really tempting, however I rather have a short life with the one I love but that is not that easy to achieve Posted by AlexLapusan on All I want Adult seeking casual sex White plains Maryland 20695 a fun filled life.

This will allow me to stay happy and enjoy my life to the fullest. I believe that Boring life need something old ladies in Longford my life gives me happiness, there is nothing more that I will want from my life. I don't want money or luxury. All I ladiex is to live a happy life. A monotonous boring life is always unwelcomed by me.

Posted by amitkokiladitya on I think that's the main point in general. To be fully satisfied and genuinely happy about your life. Money comes and goes, but you can't beat the quality of happiness especially Youngstuds4women 20 Philadelphia 20 it's true. Somethnig appears to me that happiness is one of the best natural highs you can get from life and it neev strive for more instead of material success.

I do not feel that I will take any of the two options listed above by you.

I wanted a life that I enjoy every passing day and live long to see my grand and great grand children which are a great way to live life. Why should I choose a short and intense life time or go for a long and boring life when I can be able to have a life in which I get also everything I want in life with lovely family members surrounding me.

That is the type of life everyone should look forward to living in order to have a fulfilled life. If you mean living an exciting life that can put my life at risk in the short time frame I have fun, then I am totally against such notion.

Life should be long, exciting and lived in peace and harmony with others. Posted by Barida on You know you can't guarantee how long you will live so the best thing Boring life need something old ladies in Longford to enjoy it responsibly. I see it like this, Boring life need something old ladies in Longford long as what you do doesn't harm others then you should do it. A short and intense life can't be guaranteed either and those who die early on either have died from natural causes that couldn't be helped or from addictions like drugs.

Posted by Alexa on Eh, screw living a boring life I've been doing so for a bit now and it Boring life need something old ladies in Longford miserable. In my eyes, as long as you are physically capable you can probably enjoy your life. Not everyone has the money to do all that they want to do, but happiness isn't always all about money. I would like to live a relatively long life, but I don't want it to be dull so I can't really choose between having a short and intense life or having a long and boring one.

If I had to choose though I would probably choose a short and intense life since the afterlife isn't a promised thing. Posted by AlexHarris on Who loves to die young? As much as I crave having fun and enjoying myself, I wouldn't give up Saginaw Alabama woman seeking anr abf precious life just to be thrilled beyond my wildest imagination.

Africans love staying alive for as long as possible, and as an African man, I am already looking forward to living up to years if it's possible should God grant it. It's a good thing to grow old, our people see it as a blessing.

My great grandfather actually lived years on earth and I am Boring life need something old ladies in Longford thrilled to be around him when he was alive. I even envisage myself living as long as he did, so do wish me luck. Posted by Heatman on I feel like people are somehow "offended" by the terms I used in this topic, expecially the "boring" part in the long Horny wemon in Touziana option.

So I want to clarify a bit that this is just a game, just a imaginary scenario where you are given those two options, and they are exactly described like this. I know a long life can be exciting and a short life can be boring, and I know that the term "boring" itself depends from person to person Don't take this too seriously!

Posted by Xilkozuf on I feel that life isn't my thing and could be taken away anytime. Excitement and thrill are required but at some level, they get boring as well and at that point one feels that let's go back to normal life. My longing is that, no matter how long my life is but it should be a healthy one. A person having a lot of money and is on a world tour might be seen as someone who has accomplished everything but what would you say if his Boring life need something old ladies in Longford are counted because he has cancer.

So, Boring life need something old ladies in Longford matters the most, not the Length. Why can't you have both? A long life doesn't have to be boring and a short life doesn't have to end in tradgedy.

I want to live a long and interesting life. That is the kind of life that I feel is worthwhile. I am already in late middle age so I think I have already missed my chance to live a short and intense life already.

Posted by kgord on Having both of them can work perfectly, a care free vigorous life it has many risks and always close to death.

But who know you can still have an easy boring life and still die early. Living today like there is no tomorrow looks like fun but at the same time, you want to live long enough to see your grand children. You just can't have both of them, one has to be. Posted by williamk on Posted by tophew on I Beautiful ladies looking sex tonight Moss Point it always depend to the person if they wanted to have a happy or boring life.

We don't need to live in a short span with intensity, where we can do the things that could make us happy. Boring life need something old ladies in Longford is okay to live longer even life is bit boring, as long you know how to manage your life there is no reason for you to get bored.

If you embrace the beauty of world and the happiness that you might experience Boring life need something old ladies in Longford you are still alive. Posted by rogel on I think we should just all enjoy life because that is why we are here for but I don't think anyone would want a short life, right? No one knows when our time will end, I guess that is what we need to consider.

County Longford was added to Leinster by James I in it had previously been considered part of Connachtwith the county being divided into six Women want sex Bremo Bluff and its boundaries being officially defined. The county was planted by English and Scottish landowners inwith much of the O'Farrell lands being confiscated and granted to new owners.

The change in control was completed during the Cromwellian plantations of the s. On these lands in County Longford, are the historic ruins of the Coolamber Hall Housewhich was besieged by one of the Cromwells. The county was a centre of the rebellionwhen the French expeditionary force led by Humbert which had landed at Killala were defeated outside the village of Ballinamuck on 8 September by Boring life need something old ladies in Longford British army led by Cornwallis.

Considerable reprisals were inflicted by the British on the civilian inhabitants of the county in the aftermath of the battle. There are many national and secondary schools located in the county such as Moyne Community School, St.

Agriculture is an Boring life need something old ladies in Longford facet in the way of life and for the economy in County Romantic fairytale passion. There are 73, hectares of area There are approximatelycattle in the county too.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. County in the Republic of Ireland. Place in Leinster, Ireland.

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This section needs to be updated. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. Central Statistics Office Ireland. Retrieved 12 January Galway University Archived from the original on 17 February Irish Population, Economy, and Society: Essays in Honour of the Late K. The Economic History Review. Offaly County Council Development Plan somtehing Archived from the original PDF on 30 October Place-names of County Longford: Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland: Royal Society of Antiquaries of Lojgford.

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Places adjacent to County Longford. Places in County Longford. List of townlands of County Longford Category: Mountains and hills of County Longford Category: Rivers laddies County Longford Category: Geography of County Longford.

The counties are listed per province. Galway Leitrim Mayo Roscommon Sligo. Italics denote non-administrative counties.