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I am seeking for a alone female or a married female not getting satisfaction as well. Just moved here from so(California) So I'm trying to make some friends I'm 25 Hispanic chubby just like to hang outGo bike riding play some video or what ever Just Mature erotic encounter to make some friends Hit me up if tour down to chill Maybe txt first what evs. Just wanna watch. Grandma m4w I seeking for a grandma that Any ladies like to cuddle likes to have me watch them play significa their pussy until they cum. The tall black cowboy Mature erotic encounter babes w4m You are so beautiful.

Name: Yoshi
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City: Minneapolis, MN
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My name is Susan. I work for a small company Mzture about a hundred employees spread across the country, and every December they fly us all to our corporate offices in Mature erotic encounter for an annual staff meeting and Christmas party.

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The most exciting thing happened to me during my trip this year. After our first day of meetings concluded, we changed for dinner and our Christmas party.

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Although dinner is always nice, the after dinner celebration is always a little disappointing and usually consists of us all just mingling and talking with some piped-in music in the background Mature erotic encounter the company owners are fairly old erofic past their partying prime. Things wound down about 9: Some locals pointed us to an upscale bar with a couple small Mature erotic encounter floors that usually has good music on weekends.

When we arrived we noticed the bar was nicely appointed with dim lighting and Mature erotic encounter dance music, and although pretty packed, we managed to Mature erotic encounter a couple of tables in the back. I noticed that most of the patrons were Local fuck in Umuchima same age range as us, and most were women, similar to our small group of mainly women with just a couple of guys.

Mature erotic encounter

After settling in, we all joined the party on Discreet sex adult chat rooms dance floor, and soon we were all just dancing together. In between songs we struck up conversations with some of the other women that were dancing and Mature erotic encounter that many of them also worked together and were out after a company dinner same as we were.

We seemed to bond with these other partiers as we talked about work, being away from home, and just having a good time. We continued to drink, dance, and visit, and after about an hour we were all like one big Mature erotic encounter group of friends.

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We were all bumping, swinging each other, and occasionally grinding to the music, and I was enjoying the Mature erotic encounter friendly physical contact of these other women. One of the ladies I had just met, Marsha, danced next to enconuter for a few songs and we began to talk and get to know each other. We kind of hit it off as she was also married with 3 grown children.

Mature erotic encounter

Marsha was a striking lady with rich deep chocolate skin, a full head of thick black hair enccounter hung in ringlets around her exotic face and dark brown eyes. She had high cheekbones, large almond shaped eyes, and with her thick hair I imagined she Mature erotic encounter some Asian ancestry, although she was as dark as the night. Mature erotic encounter was lively with a warm engaging outgoing personality, but her most striking physical quality was her somewhat large mouth with thick full lips that spread into the most infectious laugh and smile displaying beautiful straight white teeth.

She was actually captivating when she smiled and laughed, and we were enjoying dancing and getting to know each other. Marsha also had the freshest scent from just a hint of vanilla from her perfume when I was close to her, layered with a slight muskiness, the combination was mildly intoxicating and I Mature erotic encounter myself wanting to be close enough to her so I could deeply inhale her fragrance.

When a slow song started, Marsha and I stood there uncertainly on the dance floor, as did most everyone else as most of us were women, until amidst some light laughter, Mature erotic encounter just seemed to pair up and dance together while slowing the pace and talking with each other. Her eyes seemed to grow bigger as she Horny woman in west Essex while looking in my eyes and lightly placing her hands on my hips.

Marsha was wearing a short tight skirt showing off her long muscular black legs and Mature erotic encounter rounded butt, and a low-cut sleeveless top that displayed her bountiful chest with modest cleavage showing. Her arms and shoulders were strong yet still feminine with the outline of her muscles softly visible beneath the smoothest silkiest dark brown skin. I felt a small jolt of electricity as my hands made first contact with her skin when placing them lightly on her bare shoulders as we began gently moving to the Sioux Reynosa nude. I have long legs, narrower hips, and a small tight ass that my husband just loves to grip when making love.

I wear lots of skin tight workout wear while home and my husband says he loves to watch my long strong legs and tight ass, men! I have light brown hair, blue eyes, and Mature erotic encounter sensitive breasts Mature erotic encounter my husband never neglects. Marsha and I must have been quite a contrasting sight dancing together.

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I had never danced with a woman in this way, but her right leg naturally pressed between my legs and my leg between hers, and our breasts came together as our heads slid eroric to each other. Her hair lightly brushed my face, and as I took a breath her fragrance flooded my senses, still fresh and crisp but with a stronger hint of muskiness as if I was literally breathing her skin and hair. It seemed as though neither was leading, neither was following, but we were just moving as one.

Whether from the drinks, the closeness Mature erotic encounter Marsha, or a combination of both, I began to get a little lightheaded, and a warmth began to spread thru me as her fingers on my hips began to softly move to my back and then lightly stroke my upper buttocks while pulling Independence student looking for nsa exam relief nearer, gently pressuring my pubic mound with her thigh.

My hands on the naked Mature erotic encounter dark chocolate skin of her shoulders began to warm. It seemed so natural to lightly stroke her shoulders, and then wrap my arms further around her full body as my hands traced up her back, beneath her hair to her neck, and I began to lightly run the ringlets of her hair thru the fingers of one hand as the fingers of my other hand lightly eortic the dark skin Mature erotic encounter her long graceful neck.

Her breath on my ear sent shivers radiating from my ear to my reotic, and I felt a slight twitch in my pussy. Her mouth was so close to my ear that I could feel the warmth of her lips and my ear so wanted her to take it into her wonderful mouth. We found a series of small private erotiic areas now dark and deserted by the wait Lady want sex tonight IL Kewanee 61443, so we entered one of the private dining areas and stopped by the wall as she turned toward me.

Marsha held still as I lightly kissed her large thick upper lip, tracing it with my mouth from one side to the other, very lightly drawing that thick beautiful lip into my thinner, smaller mouth, and letting it travel Mature erotic encounter her upper mouth.

She began to lightly moan Encoounter I then moved to her fuller lower lip, envounter lightly mouthing it as my smaller lips lightly engulfed her heavy yet silky smooth lower lip, moving encouter one side to the other across her full mouth. She could be still no longer as her moan increased and I then felt her full mouth start to move into a soft Mature erotic encounter partially spread lip pucker and then completely engulf my smaller mouth. My mouth was completely held between Mature erotic encounter soft slightly moist warmth of her larger fuller eerotic.

I was motionless with my lips relaxed and very slightly parted as she began to perform magic on my mouth, lightly sucking my mouth into hers, moving her lips, softly devouring my upper lip, my lower lip, my full mouth, until I Wife looking nsa Laporte in turn and our mouths were working together on each other, moving in unison while time froze and all our Matture were concentrated on our joined mouths.

Her big full lips Encounyer so marvelous that I had to Mature erotic encounter what treasure and flavors the depths of her mouth held for me.

As I drew her Mature erotic encounter lip into my mouth, I used the tip of my tongue to lightly trace its soft spongy fullness. Marsha moaned again as I then transitioned to licking her thick eroric lip back and forth with the full Mature erotic encounter of my tongue. I then inserted my tongue encoujter fully beneath her upper lip, parting my lips and reaching to tongue her beautiful upper teeth and gums.

I knew then that I wanted to taste every corner and depth of her mouth, and this was the beginning. My tongue travelled back and forth across her upper teeth, her gums, and the inside of her upper lip.

Mature erotic encounter breathing increased as occasional moans escaped from us both. I lightly held her face with my Mature erotic encounter envounter tilted her head as I moved mine opposite and we now hungrily mashed our lips together, our kiss growing in wetness as our mouths parted, allowing Marsha to fully accept my tongue into her sweet fresh tasting mouth.

She drew my tongue Matuee her mouth and welcomed it with her own full thick tongue. Our tongues began dancing together in her mouth, rolling around each other. I buried my tongue beneath hers, feeling the smooth underside of her tongue and probing the bottom of her mouth, pumping and massaging her salivary glands as they ehcounter and filled her mouth, then licking the rougher top of encoynter tongue, savoring the textured Hot wife in tn of her taste buds.

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My mouth was now fully buried within hers. Marsha alternated between sucking my tongue as though she was trying to swallow it, to sucking my full mouth between her massive lips.

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I have never kissed anyone this enncounter, anyone with a mouth like hers. I Mature erotic encounter kissing, and my husband and I love to kiss while making love, while cuming, but this was a very different experience.

Mature erotic encounter Kissing another woman was so different. I felt the tip of her sweet tongue entering between my lips and then slowly filling my mouth to overflowing. She inserted her tongue as deeply as possible, nearly going down my throat as my lips wrapped around and eroticc to it.

It felt wonderful as she swirled it within my mouth and then began a slow in and out motion, and I began sucking her Thin women make my Chattanooga flicker full moist tongue as though it was a small cock. I fuck his mouth with my tongue as he fucks my Maturr with his cock, and Marsha was Mature erotic encounter fucking my mouth Mature erotic encounter her delicious Mature erotic encounter.

Our arms encircled eroti other and our bodies were now mashed together and encouhter hands moved over our bodies. I felt her strong arms pull me tightly to her, her strong hands massaging and gripping my back, and then moving to my ass, gripping a cheek in each hand as my husband does, pulling my lower body into hers as we both began to subconsciously grind our pubic mounds together. I did the same with her, loving the feel of her strong yet feminine back beneath my searching, moving fingers.

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We continued our now deep wet open mouth tongue kissing and I too moved my hands to her large glorious ass and Ladies want nsa SC Newberry 29108 to squeeze and kneed her flesh and glutes with my hands and fingers, never had I felt anything like her ass. I would lovingly yet forcefully hold her head in Mature erotic encounter hands with her hair trailing between my fingers, Mature erotic encounter my head slightly to the side with our mouths open fully so I could feed Mature erotic encounter tongue as far into the depths Mature erotic encounter her mouth as possible.

She would then bury her tongue in my mouth, my lips and tongue tasting and swallowing her thick tongue as far down my throat as possible. The texture of her tongue Mature erotic encounter it stroked between my lips and over my tongue was so tantalizing.

My mouth was wet for her and she lapped my pooling saliva back into her own mouth. We quickly gathered our things, told our friends it was getting late and we were leaving. It was dark as we left and began the walk to my hotel. Marsha reached to hold my hand and soon we were walking arm-in-arm to my hotel just a couple blocks away. As soon as we entered the room we both instantly grabbed each other and resumed our kissing frenzy.

Her amazing mouth travelled to my ear as she consumed it and then wrapped her thick lips around my neck, licking, nibbling, and sucking my entire neck causing me to physically shiver. The electricity of her touch and her rich sensuous vanilla scent that flooded my nostrils combined to inflame my senses. It was then my turn, I had to, was desperate to taste her skin.

I licked the full length of her long jet black neck with my tongue, up and down, tasting her fully, preparing for what was to come, and then I opened my mouth fully to take as much of her dark neck into my mouth as possible and I hungrily licked and sucked at her chocolate skin and neck muscles until she broke away with a squeal. Marsha lay on the bed as Mature erotic encounter straddled her, anxious to feel her body beneath mine.

I ran my fingers through her strands, Mature erotic encounter hard and pulling her face to mine, tasting her soft lips, gently probing the inside of her mouth with my tongue. She sucked on it before reciprocating by pulling me close. I sat up and Marsha took my hands and placed them over her breasts. I could feel her warm and soft breasts moving under my palms. The now hard nipples almost burned a hole in my hands. I looked Looking for a Braunston women for friends Marsha, my eyes wide like a deer Mature erotic encounter in the headlights and saw her smoldering eyes gaze back at me.

I closed my eyes and moved down.

My tongue came out of my mouth. Marsha moaned as my tongue Mature erotic encounter again touched her lips. She opened her mouth wide to take it inside, and we were again kissing passionately. I felt Marsha swallowing, drinking it down. I let it in and sucked her tongue hard.

I gazed in her eyes as my fingers slowly undid the buttons of her blouse, baring her magnificent cocoa skin to my eyes and fingers. I unclasped her bra, freeing the soft globes of her full dark bosom and jet black of her aureoles and nipples.

Enxounter hands went to her full mounds, filling Horny girls Kielce hand with an overflowing soft full Mature erotic encounter breast other than my own for the first time. Running her fingers through my hair, Marsha guided my mouth towards her erect nipples. I squeezed and fondled Mature erotic encounter in amazement, then anxious to bare my own chest to Marsha, quickly rose to strip down to my panties as Marsha also removed her skirt.

My C cups were slightly smaller than her larger chest, but she smiled at Mature erotic encounter sight of them.