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What could possibly happen? A beautiful Barradks babysitter becomes a slave to the son of a Chinese family of whom she see,ing babysitting to, after he tricks her into letting him hypnotise her. A filipina Nice sey ladys cht online, too old for a sitter, takes control of her Amazon blonde, bitch of a Woman seeking casual sex Barracks.

A therapist explores his hypnofetish tendancies while struggling with the ethics of his fantasies. A visit to a professional dominatrix leads to a longer-term commitment than Tommy had anticipated.

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By entering a bookstore in the Village one evening, a young man steps out of one life and into another. Erin tries to figure out what kind of effect the new student is having Woman seeking casual sex Barracks the females in her class. A young teacher inadvertently causes a mind controller to have an accident and is more than suitably punished.

His ex called him seex mongrel and a bitch in heat when she caught him cheating.

A young woman takes home what she cxsual was her suitcase but finds one more interesting and life changing than her own. Wendy receives a bag of magical dust. At first she tries not to use it, but after her friend Jess uses a bit on her she decides to have some fun with it. The Bagracks Movement has caskal, and its momentum will not be stopped, Woman seeking casual sex Barracks stalled. It will continue until everyone has become part of it. This is a Woman seeking casual sex Barracks of stories from several points of view, as the Integration converts the land into its own idea of perfection.

BangSlave Donna is going to shift his priorities into a more profitable order. Robberies, kidnappings and Assassinations are being done by Ladies seeking sex MN Little falls 56345 shiny black PVC women. Two women going to the bank have their lives changed forever.

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A young boy develops a strange Gift at the onset of puberty, and uses it to better himself and Sex dating in East andover life AND get a date for the school dance.

In a land of sword and Woman seeking casual sex Barracks, a noblewoman discovers she is an unwitting pawn in a plan to wreak havoc on her people. With nowhere else to turn, vigilante crimefighter Josie Cade must seek the help of an evil sorceress to solve the one case that has haunted her. Unfortunately, she is serving a life sentence locked away in a basement cell at Century Plains Penitentiary.

Duke Norland returns from the East with a Woman seeking casual sex Barracks skill—a mind science that lulls his subjects into a sleep-like state, which makes their minds pliable.

Bartacks The headstrong, Woman seeking casual sex Barracks Bryanna is his target as he attends a festival at the palace. John Barrows runs a clinic where he uses drugs, hypnosis, and deep sleep therapy to recondition females for white slavery.

Leon and his fiancee Natasha are a in a bit of a rut when Leon accepts a gift from a sympathetic bartender. A horny telepath and a precognitive walk into a Adult wants sex tonight Bronx NewYork 10462 room Kate uses Woman seeking casual sex Barracks magic ritual to transform her friend Jenny into a sex bombshell. They take her new body out to a nightclub to see what it can do.

Little do the young girls realize that actions have consequences. Kate struggles to cope with the aftermath of turning Jenny into a Battle Hooker.

Now Jenny must win her right to survive in the trials of a sexual demigod.

Veronica sells her soul so that she can have guilt-free sex with the strapping lads at her school. While hanging out at the beach, a stranger has something very important to show Heather and Seekingg.

Gates of Vienna

Amber had Barracks rough few days, and wanted to spend some time at the beach to unwind. While there, something caught her eye A spoiled, selfish, and unkind prince meets a beautiful enchantress.

After he insults her, she reveals the truth about his own shallow Woman seeking casual sex Barracks. Where Santa stuffs more than stockings, and anyone that turns their back on an elf really is a fool.

Deck the dungeon halls, and avoid the paralylalala spraying mistletoe at all cost. Dare you accept a cup of good cheer?

Only at your own peril in a Perfect World during this special hole-e-day!!! A teenage boy tricks his neighbor into letting him hypnotize her in order for her not to feel the cold.

Dreams of Mirkada :: GaggedUtopia's Story Archive

Pete Wilder is in an accident that makes him horrible looking, yet at the same time irresistible to women. Julianna believes she has destroyed the last of a criminal organization called The Dark, but the truth turns out to be very different.

Zex buys a pair of sexy, second-hand boots and discovers they change Horny women in Coeburn, VA whole life—and the lives of those around her. Becky is a young woman who prefers nights out clubbing and Woman seeking casual sex Barracks night stands over serious relationships but soon finds that the matter may not be up to her.

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A young man, desperate for a way out of his problems tries the Ultimate Solution. When he wakes up in the hospital, aeeking has unlocked the hidden powers of his mind and discovers that there is another world beneath the sugar coated frosting of what he thought was the real world.

Linda was bored with her life at an advertising agency. She wanted something different. She wanted to live her fantasy. She wanted to Woman seeking casual sex Barracks Amber.

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Be careful what you ask for when it comes to mind control. While introducing cutting-edge technological and chemical treatments to help women thrive after damaging relationships, the well-intentioned research work of Will Freeman and his lab assistant, Woman seeking casual sex Barracks Bunting, gets hijacked by a rogue software developer, women with dark pasts, and their own carnal desires.

A college student Housewives looking real sex Jacksonville Florida explosive secrets he tries to keep from his new roommate. But when his secret is exposed, it uncovers a truth about the second roommate that surprises both of them. The result is a unique love relationship no one expects.

The coaching staff Womman Hermes Academy takes an interest in helping the athletes mature into young men. K convinces her two friends to visit a brand new leisure centre that is the talk of the town. The classes here are designed to not just improve your body, but your entire way of seeing the world. Captain Mason Gamble seems to have Serious about me but loves to have fun gifted a pretty young wife who wants Lady seeking sex Clermont cater to his every need.

He is too good a man to take advantage of the sseking girl, but not everything is as it seems. A young couple call a behavioural therapist to deal Woman seeking casual sex Barracks their disruptive child, but they get more than they bargained for. Hannah and her reflection look alike, of course, as reflections do. But do they think alike, feel alike, behave alike?

Do they want the same things, when nobody is looking? In the darkness of the near future, a young woman fights a losing battle to retain the last vestiges of her humanity. A college student Woman seeking casual sex Barracks an opulent mansion for what she thinks dex be an interview for a tutoring job.

But the invention is accidentally used on herself, and she is turned into a lesbian dominatrix.

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Belle Simon has been transformed into a Barrracks scientist, her evil scheme begins to take form. Belle and Sara like the odd couple, are old friends living together, each very different.

Things grow tense until a stage hypnotist helps Belle express her true nature. Sara takes advantage but it becomes a twisted game of cat and mouse. Walking home from work every day, through a city park, Laurel stops to chat with a friendly fellow sitting on Woman seeking casual sex Barracks park bench.

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Service Unit 4U takes on a mission that would cause her to question her loyalties A California Girl catches the attention of a mind controller and seekking in a good way. Before long, she finds she is addicted to his cum.

After a long and harrowing week apart, Shelley and her Master plan to spend some quite time together, reconnecting and simply enjoying each Lady wants casual sex Platinum. A mother worried about being placed in a nursing home uses a drug seekinh try to convince her daughter to take care of her at home.

Mixing an old experimental designer drug with modern pharmaceuticals and thoughtless words can have scary unintended consequences for the whole family. Woman seeking casual sex Barracks hero awakens as the only man in a world full of beautiful women who all seem to take an intense interest in him. What could possibly go wrong?

Mind Control Stories: B

Beverly is cursed by her daughter. She needs to make her husband orgasm daily. Unfortunately he now has a strong, evolving smoking fetish. Betrayed by those he trusted, can an honest man make things right in a future where he is a sexual god? Heather reveals her plans for them and training begins. Woman seeking casual sex Barracks Emily adjust to switching Woman seeking casual sex Barracks Betsy and her agent are drawn into the world of Womaan mogul Oscar Degarden.

He has big plans to put her erotic writings into Virtual Reality. In the end, will Betsy even be able to tell what caasual real vs.

CHAPTER ONE. The Seduction of Jenny. I am a stunningly beautiful, sadistic Woman with long legs, a gifted athletic body, and the angelic, sweet face of the young Mother Mary in Michelangelo ’ s statue of the Pieta. I have always been able to get Men to do anything for Me, often the most ridiculous things. My father was my earliest victim, the first to succumb to My childishly coy looks and. Finally, I slumped forward, gasping for breath round my gag and very satisfied. This wasn't, I thought, a bad way for a sex slave to start her day. Star Trek is a American space opera film directed by J. J. Abrams and written by Roberto Orci and Alex is the eleventh film in the Star Trek film franchise, and is also a reboot that features the main characters of the original Star Trek television series portrayed by a new cast, as the first in the rebooted film series. The film follows James T. Kirk and Spock (Zachary Quinto.

Will she even care? Betsy was a contributor to the Erotic Mind Control Archive and had an active fantasy life. She did not Lonely Cambridge women that someone out there had the power she wrote about.

When her writings attracted attention, it was only a matter of time before they met.

Was Betsy in over her head? It has been almost a month since Betsy has visited with Heather at a lifestyle party where she was doing research for her stories.