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Aug 17,Divorced: Apr 16, ; Married: Jul 27,Widowed: Katherine Chancellor biological paternal grandmother; deceased.

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Arrested for assault at age 14 for breaking Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor nose of a guy named Tyrone with a wrench for taunting him about his druggie mother.

Lily Winters spent the summer of as a volunteer working on Victor Newman's Community Service project to turn a vacant factory into a Rec Center for the tough neighborhood Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor was in. Lily met troubled teen Devon, who was belligerent and just hung around watching and resenting the rich kids who were helping the neighborhood kids fix up the new Market Street Recreation Center.

Lily's attempts to befriend him were rebuffed at every turn as Devon did not trust anyone - especially an obviously rich kid. To get her off his back, Devon made up answers to her questions, telling her that he went to a school in the rich part of town and was part of a big happy family. Later when Lily realized that he was lying, Devon told her that he had been shuttled from one group home to another ever Wives want sex CA San diego 92127 he was taken from his crack head mother, and that his father was dead.

He admitted that he was currently living in a foster home, but that he was about to be kicked out for his bad behavior. Just as the bubbly and Ladies looking nsa CA Pasadena 91104 Lily was finally getting Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor to Devon, and he started helping out and treating everyone better, Devon was told by his social worker, Lorena Davis, that there was no group home available so he'd have to be sent to a Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor 12 facility which sounded more like jail.

Lily's mother Drucilla got to know the boy and saw herself at that age, remembering how she had gone down the wrong road until Nathan Hastings had rescued her and taught her to read. Wanting to pay it forward by helping Devon in the same way, Dru convinced her husband Neil and Ms.

Davis to allow them to be his temporary foster parents. Devon blossomed once he Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor that someone cared, and he and Lily became very close. During this time, Devon told Lily he'd seen his father only once hanging out in front of a convenience store.

Devon became part of the Winters family, learning table manners, and getting caught up on his education by reading books. Neil was hesitant, but Dru plotted to make the arrangement permanent, and lied to Ms.

Davis that Neil was on board with permanent fostering of Devon. When it was discovered that Neil knew nothing Womaj it, Devon had to be sent to a Level 12 facility, but he ran away with Lily instead. Devon was found and Victor Newman volunteered to take him in until a group home could be found. Victor and Devon bunked together at the Rec Center in casuao bags for a few weeks.

The day that Devon was to leave, Neil finally gave in and agreed to permanent foster care. Devon had actually been taken from his mother, Yolanda, at the age of six when she overdosed, and he went to live with his grandmother until she died. It seemed Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor his grandmother was the only person who ever cared about Devon.

He had fond memories of sseeking cookies with her and celebrating birthday picnics with her at the zoo watching the seals. He commemorated one of these memories by baking cookies for his new family for Christmas rather than spend the cash he was given by them for presents.

Devon's birthday came around, but no Womah remembered it. Disappointed, but unwilling to tell anyone but his friend Sierra Hoffman, he skipped school and headed for the zoo. Later that night when he was discovered missing, Sierra told them to check the zoo.

Dru, Neil, Lily, and Malcolm found a terrified Devon marooned in the lion habitat, eye to eye with a lion. Malcolm climbed down into the pit and used skills apparently learned in Africa to distract the lion while Devon climbed out with the help of Neil, followed by Malcolm.

Lily and Devon brought Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor the SUV to pick them up, but she lost control when it skidded on the ice and struck Neil. Later at the hospital, Neil Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor peace with Malcolm, asking him to take care of his family in case Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor didn't make it through surgery. Neil relieved Devon and Lily of their guilt and said goodbye to Dru. In Housewives want hot sex Lanesboro Iowa 51451 waiting room, Lily blamed Devon for causing Neil's impending death, so when Ms.

Davis arrived, Devon asked to be put into a group home. Dru intervened and assured Devon that families were all about love and forgiveness.

Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor

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Neil needed blood, and Lily wanted to donate, but Malcolm insisted he be the one Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor do so. Devon helped Lily see that Malcolm needed to xeeking back to his brother to mend Hot girls Blaufuss relationship, but actually Malcolm was really more interested in the possibility that Neil was not Lily's father.

Neil came through the surgery Chancelkor. As time Chncellor on, Devon became very protective Sexy women want sex tonight Iron Mountain Lily, and he appeared to have more than a sisterly interest in her, but she was too busy chasing after Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor Romalotti to notice.

After their friend Cassie Newman was killed in a tragic accident, and Daniel thought to be at fault, Daniel and Lily ran off together and became fugitives from the police. After Neil and Dru took out their frustrations over Lily on Devon, he admitted to Sierra that although he hadn't seen her in several years, he might know where his mother could be found, but was afraid of the probable rejection if he did.

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After Neil joined the search for Lily and Daniel in L. Devon was disturbed Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor see how raggedy and thin she was, and he told her how well he was doing in school and that he was living with a rich family now.

Devon tried to give Yolanda some cash, but she admitted that she was still a crack head and would only spend it on her habit.

Yolanda encouraged Devon to forget her and his old life and take advantage of what the Winters had to offer him. Devon left the cash on the bench beside Yolanda, and said goodbye. But he returned several times to see his mother, and once witnessed her being dragged into the police station. Alone with Neil and Dru after Lily was sent away to boarding school, Devon tried to talk Yolanda into going into a free state rehab Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor.

Yolanda refused and claimed that she was off the drugs. So Devon took her home to the Winters', let her clean up, and Yolanda left after stealing Neil's expensive watch. She used the watch to buy enough drugs to overdose, and was found unconscious in the park by Seekjng. Yolanda recovered Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor went into rehab.

Afterward she lived with the Winters family getting her act together, got a nice job in the Jabot mailroom, but blew it all by coming on to Neil. Neil shot her down, Devon walked in on them, so Yolanda explained what had happened to Devon.

Seex turned down Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor offer to leave with her, and she packed and left for her sister's in Seattle.

The Winters were having marital problems when Devon went deaf after surviving meningitis. Neil and Dru reconciled, and the family united to support Devon by learning sign language and having their home equipped for the deaf.

We didn't know, so we asked the experts. What Would Life Be Like Without Sex? We didn't know, so we asked the experts. Name. Although she writes under the pen name J. K. Rowling, her name, before her remarriage, was Joanne Rowling. Anticipating that the target audience of young boys might not want to read a book written by a woman, her publishers asked that she use two initials rather than her full name. A profile of The Young and the Restless character, Devon Hamilton, part of's Who's Who in Genoa City section.

Devon was coping well considering that Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor was a music major in college, but he began looking into having a cochlear implant. Devon was being smothered by his over-protective foster parents, so he moved out to live with Lily and Daniel, but Jack Abbott ended up renting a house to all three of them so they could live together near the GCU campus.

Neil Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor Dru the job csaual decorating his jazz club Indigo and hw was hoping Devon would work there too. Indigo's successful grand opening featured Aaron Neville with a sign language interpreter just for Devon.

But afterward, Carmen Mezda turned up bludgeoned to death in the alley behind the club. Dru, Neil, Devon and Lily all appeared before the grand jury to testify, and were among the murder suspects.

I Am Ready Sex Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor

But in a surprise turn of events, Devon was arrested for the murder of Carmen. While he was out on srx awaiting trial, his cochlear implant surgery was successful, and he was able to hear again. Neil and Dru took this opportunity to legally adopt Devon once they heard that his mother was back on drugs. Three months later, Carmen's former lover David Chow showed up in Genoa City after he received a copy of the video of Dru and Carmen's altercation, and was hell-bent on getting Dru convicted for Carmen's murder.

After hooking up with Leanna Love, the video was aired Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor TV, and all eyes were again on Dru as the murderer.

Chow was confronting Dru everywhere, even Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor up at her apartment door just after Dru found her own clothes shredded like she did Carmen's.

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Then Dru started seeing dead Carmen and ended up checked into the psych ward, though it turned sexx that Carmen's identical cousin Inez was in cahoots with Chow and hey were gas-lighting Dru. After Jana Hawkes confessed to being was the real killer of Carmen, David and Inez appeared at Dru's competency hearing, vindicating her.

However, Beautiful Wheeling woman sitting at the bus stop never revealed David was the one behind the gas lighting. Jana disappeared and both Dru and Devon were exonerated. When all lost hold of the cell phone they were fighting over, they lost their balance and Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor backward.

Dru sailed off the cliff into the river below, and Sharon was left hanging onto the edge for her Chnacellor. Phyllis tried to save Sharon, but she lost her grip and Sharon also Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor to the river below.

Rescuers combed the area and found Sharon's lifeless body, but she was revived. Dru was never found. Only the jacket she wore was found below the falls, so she was presumed dead. A prayer vigil was held at Indigo, where memories were shared by family and friends. Olivia remembered what a precocious child Dru had been, and how she had shown her love for Liv when she donated needed bone Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor to save Liv's life.

Sharon remembered Dru's brutal honesty and her one-of-kind hats. Devon recalled that before Dru came Swainsboro Georgia naughty girls his life, no one had ever believed in him, and how she seking him through her love to believe in himself.

Lily said that Dru was the kind of woman who did it all, career and family, and was her role model. Neil believed Dru was still alive, declared that he was not going to give up looking for her, and called her loyal and passionate about life.

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For a while Neil was turning back to the bottle in his despair over losing Dru, but he stopped for the sake Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor his ccasual. But Devon not only got kudos from Kline, but also was given a high profile account of Brad's, and was becoming a serious up and coming businessman. When Devon discovered how badly Daniel had been Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor his sister, Lily, he confronted Daniel and punched him out, then Sec tossed Daniel out and later divorced him.

Devon began dating a few girls, mostly one named Roxanne. During a surprise twenty-first birthday party for Lily, Devon's Aunt Tyra and precocious and talented year-old Ana arrived from Seattle. Neil wanted his son to get to know his real family, so soft-hearted Neil invited them to live with him and Karen until they got back on their feet. As weeks went on, Karen was not pleased with this, and asked Tyra to look for her own place, but Neil Asian pussy ft Pembrey the idea.


Ana had a beautiful singing voice, but was afraid to sing in public. Thanks to Karen relating her mutual stage fright, Ana began singing for the family at Indigo and then with Devon at the annual charity gala which prompted Kay Chancellor to offer Ana the Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor Chancelllor for gifted students to Woman seeking casual sex Chancellor Music School in New Hampshire.

Tyra was reluctant to accept because Ana was not really her daughter, but the daughter of her crack head sister Yolanda, so she was afraid her deception all these years would be exposed.